About Blackfriars Insurance Brokers

We are Chartered Insurance Brokers, publicly committed to a customer-first approach and values that align with a professional Code of Ethics. We’ll provide solutions relevant to your needs, maintaining our knowledge through qualifications and ongoing professional development.

Our Services

We provide a range of both personal and business insurance products to a wide range of clients across the UK and in Europe offering quality led products underwritten by leading underwriters and insurers at very competitive premiums.


We are authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority and our Reference Number is 308518.We are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland in respect of business in the Republic.

We abide by the laws and regulations laid down to us by the FCA and other bodies observing not just the letter of these laws and regulations but the spirit of them.


The entire insurance industry is based upon “a promise” and it is essential to both us and the industry, that the level of trust between us, our clients, our suppliers and regulatory and professional bodies is beyond question.

We have to be trusted by our clients and that trust has to be earned through our honesty in all our dealings.

From time to time, we get things wrong, when we do we hold our hands up, we make apologies and we put things right taking whatever steps are necessary to try to ensure that we do not make the same mistakes again.

I tolerate mistakes and we learn from them but I will not tolerate dishonesty within our business at any level.

Our Business Ethics

I insist that our business is conducted at all times with honesty, integrity and probity and we meet and exceed the requirements of the Code of Ethics of the Chartered Insurance Institute to which we subscribe.

These core beliefs are not just for our clients but apply to all aspects of our business dealings.


Along with honesty we will act in an open way with our clients, suppliers, regulators, third parties and our own staff and not seek to conceal information to the detriment of these parties.


Our Commissions Fees and Charges

Blackfriars Insurance Brokers is a business that operates within a highly competitive market and like many other businesses we have to work hard to ensure the success of our business. We also have to paid for the work we do and we are paid either a commission by the insurance company and fee by our clients or a combination of the two. We do our best to ensure that the fees we charge are both competitive and sustainable. All our fees and charges our disclosed upfront to all clients and are available at any time by reference to our Terms of Business.


Whilst “Fair Treatment of Customers” is now a formal requirement upon all insurance brokers and one that is core to our business, we have long operated within a spirit of fairness in a broader sense putting ourselves in the position of our client and working with an understanding of what our clients reasonable expectations would be of a contract, rather than the simple legalities.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Diversity means difference, i.e. different protected characteristics and different ways of thinking being represented.

Inclusion is when everyone is included, irrespective of their differences.

Equality of opportunity means that all employees and job applicants have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

Specifically, we will ensure that no client, customer, supplier, other third party, employee or job applicant is subject to unlawful discrimination, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of gender, gender reassignment, race (including colour, nationality and ethnic origin), disability, sexual orientation, marital status, part-time status, age, religion or belief, political belief or affiliation or trade union membership or any other protected characteristics. This commitment applies to all aspects of our business at all levels.

We seek to ensure no person is victimised or harassed or bullied or subjected to discrimination and that all employees feel secure and content and that the workplace is free from intimidation.

Equal opportunities practice is developing constantly as social attitudes and legislation change. The Company reviews all policies and implement necessary changes where these could improve equality of opportunity.

Our detailed Equality and Diversity Plan is available upon request.

Our Clients

We act in the best interests of our clients sourcing products that meet their requirements from a wide range of insurance providers. We do not act as a “tied agent” for any insurer and we do not place clients business with any insurer as a result of any agreement that is designed to benefit us at the expense of our clients.

We will work hard with our clients to establish what their requirements are and to offer an appropriate solution to their requirements but never provide a solution that we know is unsuitable for our own gain.

The level of customer service we provide to our clients is not a simple promise we make to respond quickly, it is at the very core of our business.

The level of service we provide to our new clients is the same as we provide to our existing clients. We do not different terms to encourage new sales we treat all our business with the same level of respect.

We never make a recommendation or provide a quotation to a client that is any way unduly influenced by any remuneration that we may receive.

In order for us to achieve our own business objectives we have to meet the needs of our clients in a timely and cost effective way and to strive to be better than our competition.

Whilst we provide a wide range of insurance products ranging from a few pounds in value to many thousands all our clients are entitled to the best service and advice that we are able to provide.

We will always provide our clients with the relevant information to make an informed decision whether this be for a new product, the renewal of an existing contract or a change to their policy.

All our clients have access to seasoned insurance professionals including Chartered Insurance Brokers..

Our Management Team

The management at Blackfriars are seasoned and qualified insurance professionals with a long track record in both insurance companies and insurance brokers. Our management team work within our business and are subject to the same training and competence regime as all staff and we know that staying at the top of our game in terms of knowledge and professionalism is an essential part of delivering on our business objectives.

Our Staff

We don’t offer jobs at Blackfriars, we offer careers. We don’t take the short term view with the people we employ, we want to provide long term stable employment where people are suitably rewarded for their efforts and contribution.

We operate an internal Training and Competence programme that ensures that staff are properly trained to undertake their duties and that staff handle work that they have been assessed as being competent in that area.

We actively encourage our staff to progress with professional qualifications and indeed our internal development plans require this.

We actively support the employment and promotion of Apprentices with our business helping them to develop as professionals and helping us to deliver the professionalism that we demand and our clients deserve.

I am proud of our successes so far at Blackfriars and am determined to work hard to ensure that the business thrives in the future. In order to achieve this we must ensure that our team is of the highest possible calibre and that our clients continue to support us in our efforts.

If you would like to contact me to discuss any aspect of our business, please feel free to do so. You can contact me via the contact details shown on this page.


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