agricultural-consultants-insuranceWith many years experience in the arrangement of liability insurance we provide instant access to agricultural consultants insurance offering on-line quotes and cover for agricultural consultants  from our panel of leading liability insurance underwriters in the UK.

What insurance does an agricultural consultant need?

For most agricultural consultants the main priority is to protect themselves against claims made against them in respect of their legal liability for loss, property damage or personal injury arising from their business. This protection can be largely completed with two or three separate policies depending on the nature of the business.

Public liability insurance for agricultural consultants

Public liability protects the policyholder in respect of claims in respect of their legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising in connection with the business. The policy covers you in respect of you daily activities in visiting third party premises and sites.  You choose the limit of indemnity under your policy, standard limits tend to be £1m £2M and £5M but other levels are available and you may find you have to take a higher limit as a result of contractual or local government requirements.

Employers liability insurance for agricultural consultants

If you employ people in the U.K. then employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for all with a few exceptions. This protects yu in respect of claims in respect of the insured’s legal liability for death, injury or disease sustained by an employee during the course of their employment.

Professional indemnity insurance for agricultural consultants

agricultural-consultants-professional-indemnity-insuranceThe public liability policy excludes claims arising from a breach of professional duty and the professional indemnity steps in to cater for this professional risk. The policy covers you in respect of you legal liability for loss as a result of breach of professional duty. Once again, you will select the limit of indemnity under the policy that suits your needs, unlike public liability insurance the available options tend to start from a much lower starting point of generally £100,000.

Other Insurance

The policies described above provide you with an overview of the types of insurance you will need to protect your legal liabilities. If you have other interests such as you work from an office then this needs to be considered alongside these requirements. In many cases you office insurance will be able to cater for your public and employers liability requirements in addition to any property and business interruption risks.

How do I buy agricultural consultants insurance?

You can apply on-line for both professional indemnity and public liability insurance, employers liability is not generally available as a stand-alone product and will be included where required in your public liability insurance package. If you would prefer you can call us direct to discuss your requirements with a broker who will be pleased to answer any queries and provide you with a range of quotations for the products that you require.

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