Animal Breeders Medical Malpractice Insurance We offer medical malpractice insurance for animal breeders in the United Kingdom providing a cost effective and fast solution to the needs of an animal breeder for suitable professional malpractice liability insurance

What is animal breeders medical malpractice insurance?

The animal breeders medical malpractice insurance policy is designed to respond to the needs of the animal breeder for a policy to protect them in respect of claims brought against them as a result of alleged professional negligence in the execution of their duties.

Why does an animal breeder needs medical malpractice insurance?

Medical malpractice or indemnity insurance is suitable for animal breeders involved in the provision of medical services whether on a consultancy, surgical or invasive treatments or the provision of emergency response care. All animal breeders should be aware of their potential exposure to a claim being made against them and should consider the benefits of securing adequate medical malpractice insurance.

What is covered under an animal breeder medical malpractice insurance policy?

The policy protects you in respect of claims made against you in respect of your legal liability arising from a breach of professional duty and the cover will include;

  • The legal costs of mounting a defence in respect of any claim made against you and any damages that are subsequently awarded against you.
  • Cover applies to claims for bodily injury, mental injury illness disease and death arising in the course of your business.
  • Cover in respect of Good Samaritan acts outside the regular scope of your practice.

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