Management Liability Insurance

management liability insuranceWe provide management liability insurance policies offering an essential protection to businesses and companies against claims made against them in respect of their legal liabilities arising in the way in which the business is conducted.

What is management liability insurance?

The policy provides broad cover in three distinct areas, that can handled separately, but are best catered for under a single contract.

Who is management liability insurance suitable for?

There is  a common misconception that management liability policies are designed and suitable for large corporations and whilst is true that many large corporations have for a long time protected themselves in this way, the management liability policy is suitable for business and employers of all sizes.

Whilst smaller businesses may not require certain aspects of the cover, such as shareholder protection, this will be reflected in the premium that they pay.

Many businesses now perceive management liability protection to be a core requirement of their insurance programme and it is certainly prudent to do so.

How much does management liability insurance cost?

Annual premiums for a management liability insurance policy that includes directors and officers liability, employment practices liability and corporate legal liability insurance start from under £200. A directors an officers policy on a stand-alone basis starts from around 50% of that cost.

How do I buy management liability insurance?

You can apply on-line or call us direct to discuss your requirements with a specialist broker.

 Management Liability Insurance Application

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