victim of crimeA new online risk calculator provides a simple overview of the chances of you being a victim of a personal crime in England and Wales.

The service published by the BBC in conjunction with the Office for National Statistics offers a fast check on the probability of you being the victim of a variety of crimes based on some basic information including your postcode.

As with all statistical measures the results can only be viewed in a general sense and of course there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce the chance of you actually being a victim but the results may provide some surprises for some people with some preconceptions about who is most at risk in society certainly not being borne out by the statistical evidence.

The results include data regarding the possibility of you being the victim of a violent crime, house burglary and vehicle crime.

Treat the information as it is and it provides a very useful guide to your overall exposure to crime and perhaps encourage you to take some greater precautions.

The online tool may be found here.



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