Liability Claims Made or Claims Occurring

Claims Occurring and Claims Made are the two bases of cover for liability insurance. From a non-insurance person, the obvious question is ‘Does it matter?’ The answer is it very much does matter and in certain circumstances the selection of the wrong...

The Limitation Act 1980

The Limitation Act 1980 is a statute of limitations passed by the UK Government, the law is applicable in England and Wales only and provides a time scale for legal actions in response to breaches of the law. What is the statute of limitations? The provision of The...

What is a Settings Clause Under a Household Insurance Policy?

The home insurance policy provides the opportunity for policyholders to protect their jewellery against a wide range of loss or damage that includes accidental and unforeseen loss or damage, for many policyholders where they have items of jewellery in excess of a...
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