Lack of Easement Pedestrian Access Residential Legal Indemnity

Where there are no or inadequate legal rights of pedestrian access to the property and where There has been no attempt to contact the person(s) thought to own the access way. The property is an existing residential dwelling. The rights have been exercised for more...

Chancel Repair Successor Residential Legal Indemnity

Where the property is located within a potentially liable parish for Chancel Repair payments and where The Land is an existing residential dwelling with ancillary land not exceeding three acres in size. There is no liability for chancel repairs on the registered title...

Adverse Possession Residential Legal Indemnity

Where paper title cannot be evidenced and where There has been no attempt to contact the persons thought to own the area of land. There is no building on the area of adverse possession. The land has been adversely possessed for 6 years. The adverse possession area of...
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