mobile caterers van insurance

Getting the right deal for your mobile caterers van insurance is absolutely essential, making sure that the cover is suitable for your needs and also that the policy is cost effective and you are not paying over the odds for your insurance.

Keeping your business on the road and “mobile” means that you need a policy that you can rely on to respond quickly and efficiently when you need it. We understand this and we provide a mobile caterers van insurance services that delivers both cost effective solutions for you mobile caterers van and for other aspects of your business insurance that you may require.

What insurance do I need for a mobile caterers van?

The insurance you need is generally dictated by the cover that you feel you require, but in the case of mobile caterers van insurance certain aspects of cover are dictated to you by law; these being the legal requirements for motor insurance and also employers liability if you employ people within the business. Firstly, you will require a motor insurance policy that is suitable for your vehicle and also for it’s business use.

We will look later at why a standard commercial vehicle or van insurance policy will not be suitable but for now it is enough to recognise that you require a specialist policy to properly insure your mobile caterers vehicle. mobile-caterers-liability-insuranceYou may require insurance in respect of the cooking equipment and other items of plant and fixtures you have in the van and use within the course of your business.

The level and type of cover will depend upon whether the contents are permanent fixtures in your vehicle or whether they are removable items of plant and equipment.

You may also require cover in respect of stock. If you operate a trailer as opposed to a catering van per se, then you may require an insurance in respect of this trailer as a standalone item, again you will be looking at the value of the trailer and also of it’s contents. You would be well advised to hold public and product liability insurance in respect of the food that you prepare and sell. This insurance protects you against claims made by members of the public in respect of you legal liability toward them for any personal injury or property damage they may sustain for which you are responsible or as importantly, for which they allege you a responsible.

Can I buy a standard van insurance policy for my mobile caterers van or trailer?

In short the answer is “NO”. As you will be aware most mobile caterers vans are in fact a standard manufacturers base model with some modifications to make them suitable as a catering van or trailer. If you apply on-line for a van insurance quotes from a regular provider, you may well receive a quote on the base model that does not reflect the use of the vehicle and certainly will not include insurance in respect of the modifications you have made. Always remember that taking short cuts with you commercial motor insurance can lead to the insurer not meeting claims for anything other that than third party claims as they are required to do under market agreements but also they will have the right to take action against you directly to recover any payments made in respect of any claims that they have to pay out under this agreement. Your house is still at risk!

Mobile Caterers Insurance Quotes

As you can see there are a number of issues to consider when looking to arrange a suitable business insurance for your mobile caterers business. We have many years experience in this industry and are ideally placed to provide you with a range of quotations for both your mobile caterers van insurance and also your mobile caterers liability insurance. Just apply on-line or call us direct to discuss your requirements.

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