Colonic Irrigationists Professional Indemnity InsuranceWe provide colonic irrigationists professional indemnity insurance quotes and cover, at highly competitive rates from our panel of leading professional liability and professional risks insurance providers in the United Kingdom.

Why does a colonic irrigationist need professional indemnity insurance?

Like all those providing professional services, colonic irrigationists  provide a service that comes with an expectation of a certain level of professionalism and specialist knowledge. When things go wrong the colonic irrigationist may well be held to account for any financial losses with legal action and colonic irrigationists professional indemnity insurance is designed to mitigate the effects of such actions.

What does colonic irrigationists  professional indemnity cover?

The colonic irrigationists professional indemnity insurance policy protects the policyholder against claims made against them in respect of their legal liability for losses arising from a breach of professional duty.

What limit of indemnity does a colonic irrigationist need for professional indemnity insurance?

The limit of indemnity your require under your policy is generally for you to decide based upon your own assessment of the exposures you face in your business and the likelihood of a claim or number of claims. Many policies for colonic irrigationists will have a limit in the aggregate and you will need to include this in your considerations.

Are colonic irrigationists professional indemnity policies on a claims made or claims occurring basis?

The majority of professional indemnity insurance policies for colonic irrigationists are issued on a claims made basis and this has implications that need to be considered when you cease trading, sell your business or retire with a possible run-off insurance requirement.

What is the retroactive date under a professional indemnity policy for a colonic irrigationist?

Policies on a claims made basis should include a retroactive date to protect the policyholder against claims in respect of work undertaken prior to the current policy year. The retroactive date should coincide with the date you started trading or the effective date of your first colonic irrigationists professional indemnity policy. It is possible to arrange a policy with retroactive date of none, which effectively provides cover in respect of all previous periods.

How much is colonic irrigationists professional indemnity insurance?

The cost of your colonic irrigationists professional indemnity cover will depend upon a few key factors including the exact nature of the work you undertake, how much work you undertake annually, your previous experience and whether you have previously had any claims made against you. Generally speaking the cost of professional indemnity insurance for a  colonic irrigationist has reduced in recent years as a result of greater competition and a greater awareness of the risks faced by colonic irrigationists?

How can I buy professional indemnity insurance for colonic irrigationists?

You can apply on-line or call us directly to discuss your requirements with one of our professional liability brokers.

 Professional Indemnity Insurance for Colonic Irrigationists

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