COVID-19 Secure Workplace PostersEmployers should display posters in the workplace to remind both workers and the public to take the necessary steps to stay safe and COVID-19 Secure.

Your COVID-19 Secure status not only depends on completing a risks assessment in the workplace and establishing a safe system of work for both employees and members of the public but it also is reliant upon you publishing that information with in terms of the risks assessment and its results to workers but making sure that you publicise the responsibilities of both employees and the public.

Use of posters is an effective way of ensuring that everyone is aware and reminded of the need for safe behaviour for the protection of all.

You can download 4 of the key posters in support of your efforts below.

hand washing at work COVID-19

identify the symptoms of COVID-19

use hand sanitiser at work

social distancing at work

stop no public access COVID-19

wear a face mask at work

one way systems at work

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