automated marketing callsThe Information Commissioners Office has fined a Coventry based firm £260,000 in the latest high profile action to be taken against companies making illegal automated calls.

The fine awarded against Easyleads Ltd was made by the ICO after they found that the company had made 16.7 million automated calls to people without their specific consent.

The rules governing the making of automated calls make it an offence to make such calls without the specific consent of the recipients irrespective of the recipients TPS status.

The ICO stated that it had received 550 complaints about the calls, ranging with multiple calls to the same number again being a significant feature of the complaints.

The ICO also found that the company also misled recipients about the nature of the call and the availability of government grants for boiler replacements.

ICO Enforcement Group Manager, Andy Curry stated;

“We hear first-hand from people how utterly disruptive, annoying and sometimes distressing automated calls can be. Firms cannot expect to get away with intruding into people’s lives like this.

“We’re here to take action, like we’ve done today, to stamp out this modern day torment. When people report nuisance calls to the ICO, it helps us do that.”

and went on to repeat his desire to see company directors of such firms being made personally liable for such offences as soon as possible.

This action comes only a few days after the fining of Your Money Rights Ltd following the ICO findings that they had made 146 million illegal automated calls.



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