dj insuranceOur standard DJ liability insurance package that provides public liability insurance for mobile DJs has been relaunched to provide a standard limit of indemnity of £5,000,000 at an annual premium of only £99.00.

Many will find the increased limits ideal for complying with the requirements placed on them by many venues and also by local authorities who are increasingly requesting increased limits for public liability insurance.

Our flexible approach to additional activities means that we are easily and readily able to respond to requests for cover for foam parties, water parties and pyrotechnics.

Full information on the cover provided by public and employers liability insurance is available with your quote but in summary;

  • Public liability insurance protects you in respect of claims made against you for third party property damage or personal injury in connection with your business. Products liability offers a similar cover in respect of products you sell or supply.
  • Employers liability protects you against claims from employees for personal injury and property damage arising out of their employment.

Apply on-line for your quotation or call us direct to discuss your requirements with a member of our liability insurance broker team.

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