Art Restorers Employers Liability InsuranceAs specialist brokers we provide art restorers employers liability insurance from our panel of leading insurers and underwriters.

What is art restorers employers liability insurance?

Art restorers employers liability insurance protects the policyholder in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or illness suffered by employees during the course of their employment.

Does an art restorers require employers liability insurance?

All employers in the United Kingdom are required by law to hold employers liability insurance to protect themselves in respect of claims made against them by employees and the art restorers is no exception to this. Under the terms of the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance ) Act 1969 and it’s subsequent amendments there are a few limited exceptions to the requirement and this information is available here but for the majority of art restorers the cover will be required.

How much employers liability insurance does an art restorers require?

The legislation requires that you have a minimum level of cover of £5 million but in practice insurers provide a limit of £10 million as standard and higher limits are available.

How do I buy employers liability insurance for art restorers art restorers?

You can apply on-line or call us direct to discuss your requirements on 0161 300 2930. You should be aware that employers liability is not generally available as a stand-alone class of insurance and is generally provided alongside a public liability or as part commercial package insurance policy such as office, shop or commercial combined.

How much does art restorers employers liability insurance cost?

As with other insurances, the cost of employers liability insurance for art restorers will depend upon the exact nature of the work undertaken by employees, the number of employees, the amount of work undertaken and whether you have previously had any claims. Apply on-line for employers liability insurance for art restorers or call us direct to discuss your requirements with a broker.