facepainters manufacturers instructionsWe have been receiving a number of calls recently regarding the cover provided under public liability insurance policies and whether the use of UV and Neon paints is covered under the policy.

There is no specific exclusion of these types of paint under the policy that we provide and we cannot comment as to whether other providers have a specific exclusion in their policy or not.

The issue is not whether a particular type of paint is covered or not but one of ensuring that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. If a product is labelled as “Not suitable for cosmetic use”, “Not for use on Skin” etc. you should be following these instructions.

Insurers will not provide cover for the use of products that are used outside the terms of the manufacturer’s instructions, this is not restricted to face painting but would apply to all trades and activities. There is a reasonable assumption by underwriters that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Similarly we have been asked whether paint can be used when it has been transferred from one container to another. Again there is no policy exclusion in respect of this but the same principle applies that you should not do this if acting outside the manufacturer’s instructions.

We would emphasise that this is not a “crackdown” by insurance companies on face painting nor is it new, insurers will assume that prudent clients follow manufacturer’s instructions.

If you any queries regarding this you should contact your broker to discuss your concerns.

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