flood insuranceThe market for flood insurance in the United Kingdom has been fraught with difficulties in recent years as a result of the increased number of significant floods that have led to hundreds of millions of pounds of claims across the affected area.

Whilst the UK insurance market for home insurance is a long established and well versed in dealing with such matters the scale of losses in recent years has seen the cost of insurance in some areas rise to levels considered to be unaffordable for many home owners and in some extreme cases cover has not been available.

This has prompted action from the UK government and insurers that has led to to the establishment of Flood Re designed to provide all home owners to buy home insurance at an affordable cost.

How do I buy flood insurance?

There is no difference in the way that you buy home insurance, you can apply on-line or call us direct to arrange for an instant quote and cover.

How much does flood insurance cost?

As with all insurance policies the cost of home insurance depends upon a number of factors your sums insured, the cover you require, your claims experience and where your property is located.

If you do live in a flood area the premium will be adjusted to reflect this but with the benefit of the new arrangements with Flood Re the insurance company is free to charge a more competitive rate than previously. It is hoped that insurers ability to do this will increase competition in this sector.

We will approach a range of insurers on your behalf and provide you with our best options for the cover that you require.


Flood insurance is just one aspect of your home buildings and contents insurance and you should not focus simply on this one apsect. Correctly arranged insurance is a vital protection for you and your assets and you should take the time to correctly decide on the correct sums insured you need and the different levels and types of cover available to you.

Our staff our on hand to discuss your needs and provide you with information regarding the cover that is available to you as a home insurance policyholder. Apply on-line or call us direct on 0161 300 2930 to discuss your needs.

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