We provide professional indemnity insurance for Freelance Solicitors in the UK to meet your regulatory requirements and to protect you against claims made against you.

SRA authorised bodies and their managers are obliged to purchase qualifying insurance on the SRA’s minimum terms and conditions but are also subject to the adequate and appropriate insurance requirement (see rule 3.1 of the SRA Indemnity Insurance Rules). This means that they will need to consider whether and when to purchase top up cover for their qualifying policy.

If you are a freelance solicitor or in a non-commercial body, the obligation to have adequate and appropriate insurance only arises if you undertake reserved legal activities. However, once the obligation has arisen it applies to all of your services to clients whether reserved or non-reserved.

If not operating through a recognised sole practice the obligation to purchase qualifying insurance on the SRA’s minimum terms and conditions does not apply.

Unlike the minimum terms and conditions which apply to SRA authorised firms, there is no requirement to purchase a specific level of run-off cover. However, we would expect you, when assessing what insurance cover is adequate and appropriate for your needs, to consider how you will meet any claims that may be made once you cease to practice

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 Freelance Solicitors Professional Indemnity Insurance

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