data theft and cyber attackThe Federation of Small Business (FSB) in the UK has raised concerns over ongoing effect of the NotPetya cyber attack last month that has caused a huge backlog in deliveries from the courier firm TNT that was hit by the strain.

After 4 weeks customers of TNT are still unclear as to when the full service will be restored and the backlog of deliveries will be cleared.

Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, said: 

“There are small businesses in a state of paralysis, a month on from the attack, because their business relies on transporting goods through TNT. For a small business, this kind of disruption can be crippling and threaten their survival. Small business customers need accurate, clear and frequent updates from TNT to help them with their own contingency planning and a commitment to provide redress to those small businesses who have lost out.

“This is a stark reminder of the danger posed by cyber crime and how it can strike down smaller businesses indirectly, having a much wider impact on the economy. It serves as a major wake up call on the need to tackle and prevent the growing threat of cyber crime right across the business community”.


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