illegal waste transport in the UKThe UK Government has announced additional measures to clampdown on the illegal transport of waste in the UK.

The Environment Agency and the DVSA have reached agreement to share data and co-operate in joint exercises and operations to stop the illegal carriage of waste in the UK and improve road safety.

Any business or organisation in the UK that is involved in either the transport of waste or it’s purchase, sale processing or disposal must be registered as a waste carrier.

The problem is that “cowboy” firms do not register and the Government is urging those who use the services of a waste carrier to ensure that they check that the carrier has the appropriate licence in place.

It is these firms that do not hold the appropriate licence that will be targeted under the new agreement with the two agencies combining forces to crackdown on the illegal transport of waste and target unsafe drivers and vehicles with improved cooperation to ensure effective enforcement and improved roadside activity using up to date and relevant intelligence.

The Government estimates that waste crime costs the taxpayer and businesses £1 billion annually and has a detrimental effect of the ability of legitimate waste carriers to conduct their business.




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