The UK Government has issued its guidelines to business for working safely during the COVID-19 with a series of industry focussed documents designed to help employers ensure that they are taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of all concerned during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Each industry tailored document provides both general and specific advice with a review of the sector, help on risk assessment procedures and the guidelines to follow in order that an employer can demonstrate their COVID-19 preparedness.

The guidelines also introduce the self certification of employers and businesses who can and should display a certificate to offer reassurance of the procedures that are in force and maintain the  high profile of the need to Stay Alert and reduce the transmission of the virus.

You can access each of the guides by selecting the relevant guide from below.

If you need any further assistance please contact us directly.

working safely in offices

Offices and Contact Centres

construction and outdoor working

Construction and Other Outdoor Work

shops and branches

Shops and Branches

restaurants with takeaway and delivery

Restaurants offering Takeaway or Delivery

factories plants and warehouses

Factories, Plants and Warehouses

labs and research facilities

Labs and Research Facilities

other peoples homes

Other People’s Homes


Working in Vehicles

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