bouncy castleBouncy castles and inflatable play equipment are common across the country as both permanent fixtures and temporary installations at fairs, charity events and parties, they can provide great fun but also present a range of risks to both the operators and the users of the equipment and it is essential that these risks are managed and mitigated as fully as possible.

Anyone using inflatable play equipment in the UK, whether as an operator, those hiring in or those using the equipment should ensure that the equipment complies with BS EN 14960:2013.

In addition to ensuring that new equipment is manufactured to the standard, units should then be inspected on an annual basis and certified by a recognised body such as ADIPS or PIPA.

All operators should use the equipment in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer, in line with the restrictions shown on the labelling of the equipment and subject to their own risks management policy for the use of the product that meets with the requirements of the HSE guidance on the use of inflatable play equipment.


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