heavy vehicles MOT exemptionsThe Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have abounded that certain vehicles and trailers with an MOT due in September 2020 will be granted exemptions.


12-month exemption

  • Earned Recognition operator (whole fleet)
  • operator in green OCRS roadworthiness band with 50 or more events and a calculated roadworthiness base score of 1.3 or lower on 27 July 2020
  • vehicles or trailers up to 2 years old
September 2021

3-month exemption

Not previously had an exemption and not eligible for a 12-month exemption (see above) December 2020


Mandatory tests will be required for vehicles and trailers which do not qualify for a longer exemption. These are:

  • Vehicles given a 3-month exemption in March 2020
  • Vehicles given a 3-month exemption in June 2020

Th eDriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency also continue to remind ATFs about the vehicle/trailer tests they should prioritise. The highest priority are those which legally need a test.

  1. Vehicles/trailers legally due a test within a month
  2. Vehicles/trailers going on international journeys
  3. Dangerous goods vehicles
  4. Specialist vehicle types (e.g. refuse vehicles, gritters)
  5. Prohibition clearances

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