intruder alarm installers insuranceWith many years experience in the arrangement of liability insurance we provide instant access to intruder alarm installers insurance offering on-line quotes and cover for intruder alarm installers  from our panel of leading liability insurance underwriters in the UK.

What insurance does an intruder alarm installer need?

As with any business you exact insurance requirements will depend on how your business is set up and how you trade, but probably the most important aspect of your insurance will be protecting you in respect of claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury and property damage and the legal costs associated with defending any claims made against you.

Public liability for intruder alarm installers.

This policy protects you against claims from third parties in respect of your legal liability for persona injury or property damage arising in the course of the business. The limit of indemnity under the policy, standard limits are £1M, £2M and £5M, is the maximum amount that an insurer will pay in respect of any one claim. The policy itself protects you in respect of any awards made against you but also provides cover in respect of the legal defence costs.

Efficacy insurance for intruder alarm installers?

Efficacy or failure of a product to perform it’s intended purpose will not automatically be covered under your public liability insurance but this cover is available to you if you require it. More information on our efficacy insurance page.

Employers liability for intruder alarm installers.

If you employ people in the U.K. then you will need employers liability insurance. This is a legal requirement and protects you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for death, disease or injury sustained by an employee in the course of their employment. The standard limit under policies is £10m. There are exceptions to the legal requirement and you can find out more information about this on on main employers liability page.

Employers liability insurance, whilst being compulsory class of insurance is not generally available as a stand-alone class of insurance and is usually bought alongside public liability insurance.

Other insurance for intruder alarm installers

In addition to the liability insurance there are other insurance covers that you may be interested in such as cover for your tools, personal accident and contractors all risks insurance. For sole traders and smaller companies, these can be catered for very well under the standard liability based policy and we provide instant on-line access to these products so that you can instantly compare prices from our range of leading insurers.

alarm installers van insuranceMotor and commercial vehicle insurance for intruder alarm installers.

If you use vehicles within your business you will need an appropriate level of motor insurance that must be arranged correctly. For vans and commercial vehicles this is a very straight forward process as insurers tend to assume that any vehicle designated as a commercial vehicle will be being used for business purposes and the questions asked in order to provide a quote lead you this way. if you are using cars in the business, you must make sure that you have the correct level of business use under the policy that reflects your day to day usage of the car.

Quotations are on-line for most businesses with instant access to cover and policy documents. All quotes are provided with full details of premiums, terms and conditions, policy wordings to help you make the right decision on your air conditioning installers insurance.
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