Lack of Easement Vehicular Access Commercial Legal IndemnityWhere there are no or inadequate legal rights of pedestrian or vehicular access to the property and where

  • There have been no approaches to third parties in relation to use or ownership of the access.
  • The access has been used for more than 12 months without interference, objection, payment or permission from a third party.
  • The access is not:(i) Registered
  • (ii) Subject to a caution against first registration
  • (iii) Common Land
  • (iv) Village Green
  • (v) Bridleway
  • (vi) Public Footpath
  • The use of the property has continued in its current form for the last 12 months without objection.
  • No development or change of use is intended at the property.
  • The Land is located in England or Wales.

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Commercial Property Legal Indemnity

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