goldilocks-facing-porridge-jailThe trial of Goldilocks started today a she finally faces charges of burglary and criminal damage in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred at the home three bears whose names have been kept secret to protect their identity.

In a new Streetlaw session, designed by BPP University Law School Pro Bono Centre, students from the university will be joined by pupils from Bishop Gilpin Primary School and no less than the Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP, will take part in a mock trial designed to help children learn about the legal system, the courts and the people who work in the courts.

Streetlaw is a national public legal education project with a range of activities and programmes delivered by universities across the England and Wales.

Speaking about today’s proceedings and probably the most famous defendant he has ever been involved with, the Solicitor General said;

Teaching children about their legal rights and responsibilities means they have a greater understanding of what they can and can’t do.

Public legal education helps raise confidence and skills and provides a legal foundation that stays with people throughout their lives.

These sessions not only have a practical and a beneficial effect upon our legal system but on young people’s lives. I’m looking forward to an enjoyable session.

In what will be a great day of entertainment for those involved, the irony of Goldilocks finally getting porridge will not be lost on many in the UK.

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