machinery breakdown insuranceWe provide machinery breakdown insurance to businesses offering cover in respect of sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to your business machinery.

What is machinery breakdown insurance?

The machinery breakdown policy is designed to provide a range of cover that is not normally included in a standard business combined insurance policy and includes sudden and unforeseen loss or damage to the policyholder’s installed plant, machinery and equipment as a result of  breakdown, operator error and pressure explosion.

The policy also includes;

  • Temporary Removal – the cover is  extended to include fire and theft whilst the property is temporarily removed for a process  of repair, maintenance, overhaul or inspection.
  • Temporary Repairs – covering the costs of a temporary repair to plant and machinery
  • Pressure Explosion Damage to the surrounding property owned by the policyholder or for which he is responsible.
  • Cost of Replacement Equipment – the cost of hiring in substitute plant until repairs have been carried out on damaged property.

Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption Insurance

Cover can also be arranged to protect the business from losses arising from a reduction in turnover as a result of an interruption to the business as a result of an insured machinery breakdown claim.

You can apply on-line for machinery breakdown insurance or you can call our specialist brokers to discuss your requirements on 0161 3030 2930.


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We look at some machinery equipment breakdown insurance claims scenarios for which...


 Machinery Breakdown Insurance

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