Missing Deeds Residential Legal IndemnityRefers to easements, rights or other provisions which are unknown. Where there is reference to a deed containing easements, rights or other provisions which are unknown and where

  • The property has been used as a single residential dwelling for the last 12 months and will continue to be used as such.
  • If the title is currently unregistered you will be applying to HM Land registry for first registration with Title Absolute; the missing deed does not form part of the root title.
  • There have been no alterations or additions to the residential dwelling within the last 12 months.
  • The owner has no details of the rights or other provisions and no knowledge of who may be entitled to the benefit from them.
  • The property boundaries are clearly defined by walls or fences.
  • The missing deed is not an agreement, licence or entered into with a statutory authority or undertaker
  • The Land is located in England or Wales.

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Missing Deeds Residential Legal Indemnity

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