Missing Lease Residential Legal IndemnityRefers to easements, rights or other provisions, which are unknown. Where there is reference to a lease containing easements, rights or other provisions which are unknown and where

  • The property has been used as a residential dwelling for a minimum of 12 months without objection; there have been no alterations or additions to the property during this time.
  • Where the property is a Leasehold flat or maisonette, the obligations for repair, maintenance and insurance are being performed and observed without any problems.
  • The missing Lease is dated at least 15 years ago.
  • The current owner(s) are not aware of any adverse claims or notices in respect of the missing Lease.
  • The property boundaries are clearly defined by walls or fences.
  • The Land is located in England or Wales.
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Missing Lease Residential Legal Indemnity

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