Classic Car Insurance

classic car insuranceWe provide classic car insurance with fast access to competitive premiums from leading insurers offering you the motor insurance you need to ensure that your vehicle is properly insured.

What is classic car insurance?

The classic car insurance policy is a specialist private car insurance policy tailored to meet the needs of the classic car enthusiast and priced in a competitive way to reflect the superior nature of these vehicles where, in general, a greater level of care is exercised by owners.

What is a limited mileage classic car insurance policy?

Many policies issued for classic and veteran vehicles are based upon a limited annual mileage being driven in the vehicle. This is in fact totally in keeping with the actual driving patterns of owners but does allow insurers to price the product more competitively, once again, to reflect the improvement in the risk over the driving patterns of standard private car owners.

What is an agreed value classic car insurance policy?

Standard car insurance policies are based upon the retail market value of the vehicle at the time of a claim. Clearly this is not appropriate for a large number of veteran and classic vehicles as the retail market will not properly reflect the individual characteristics and condition of any particular vehicle.

With an agreed value classic car policy, you inform the insurer of your view of the value of the vehicle and subject to the insurance company being in agreement with that valuation, then that will be the agreed value of the vehicle under the policy. With that agreement in place any claims will then be settled on the basis that that is the value of the vehicle. The actual value of the vehicle may in fact fluctuate during the currency of the policy but both parties accept that the agreed value is the valuation that applies in the event of a claim.

How do I apply for classic car insurance?

You can call us directly or you can apply on-line by following the link above. Please note that all requests for classic car insurance are reviewed individually so any price offered by the on-line quote system will not reflect our best terms for your insurance. Submit your details and our specialist motor team will review your information and contact you directly.

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