newly qualified drivers insuranceWe provide car insurance for newly qualified drivers of all ages using both traditional car insurance products and black box telematics car insurance insurance products.

Many drivers learn to drive in a parent’s or friend’s vehicle and and many are shocked by the cost of motor insurance for newly qualified drivers believing that having passed their test they will be automatically regarded as a “good driver” by insurance companies. Regrettably this is not the case and in fact the opposite holds true. 

The lack of actual road experience and insurance track record, demonstrated by  No Claims Bonus, means high and in many cases unaffordable process for car insurance.

The introduction of telematics or black box motor insurance policies can assist newly qualified drivers greatly in obtaining lower insurance premiums for their car insurance. The technology helps insurers reward safe driving practices and enables them to provide the cover that you need at a significant saving over more traditional ways of arranging your first car insurance policy. 

Using this type of policy nor only provides you with the immediate benefits of lowering your motor insurance premiums but you also build up no claims bonus for the future which will help you achieve greater savings in the future.

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