not-for-profit-organsisation-insuranceWe provide a complete insurance service for Not-For-Profit Organisations, providing not only highly competitive quotes across a full range of business insurance products but also a support service that provides you with a range of tools to help you address key aspects of risk management in your organisation.

The non profit sector is a wide and varied one, involved in a very diverse range of activities and businesses.

As business insurance specialists we are ideally placed to work with you to understand the risks that you face and how risk management and insurance can protect you against the potential losses from these risks.

Clearly such a diverse range of activities means that the needs of organisations can vary considerable and we are able to assist you with your needs whether that be for a simple liability policy starting at less than £100 per annum to much larger and complex insurance requirements.

In terms of expertise, our highly trained broking team are on hand to assist you may have.and whatever the scale of your operation our Chartered Insurance Brokers are always happy to help you with more complex queries that you may have.

You can apply online below to discuss your requirements with a member of our team or download one of our useful respurce packs for free. Alternatively you can call us direct to discuss your requirements or simply ask us a question on 0161 300 2930.


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Download our review of common risk exposures for not for profit organisations.


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We examine the common risk exposures that face not for profit organisations and highlight...

Download our Not For Profit Product Services Overview to take a look at how Blackfriars can support your organisation.


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Learn about our not-for-profit expertise, risk management tools and workplace safety...

Download our resource pack for non-profit organisations that will help you develop your risk management programme for your organisation.


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