Pet Insurance

pet insuranceWe offer three insurance policies for a standard policy for pets up to 8 years, a senior contract for older cats and dogs, and a travel insurance policy to cater for the their special requirements.

With the costs associated with cat and dog ownership spiralling for veterinary bills and third party liability claims, our insurance offers the protection you require for payment of a modest monthly premium.

If you would be happier to speak directly to us, please call during office hours on 0161 300 2930. .

Covers available under this programme;

  • Public liability cover.
  • Vet’s fees.
  • Death of a pet.
  • Boarding kennel/cattery fees.
  • Holiday cancellation.
  • Advertising and reward.
  • Loss by theft or straying.
  • Accidental damage.
  • Burglar reward.
  • Transport costs.
  • Personal accident.

Apply on-line or call us direct to discus your pet insurance requirements.

0161 300 2930 Blackfriars Group