Unoccupied Home Insurance

unoccupied home insuranceWe provide great deals on unoccupied home insurance in the United Kingdom giving you the insurance protection you need for your vacant and unoccupied home.

What is unoccupied home insurance?

Most standard home insurance policies will limit or exclude cover under your policy if the property is unoccupied for more than a specified period of time, for example 30 days.

This product offers unoccupied home insurance and unoccupied home insurance. Unlike other home insurance policies there is no requirement under this contract for the property to be occupied on an occasional basis.

Cover is available upon completion and acceptance of a proposal form.

Short term policies are available.

If the property has been extended underwriters may require a copy of planning permissions before cover will be granted in respect of subsidence.

Cover is available for properties that are boarded up or undergoing significant structural repair where the fabric of the building is compromised or broken.

Who can buy unoccupied home insurance?

The unoccupied home insurance policy is suitable for home owners that own a property that is unoccupied for a wide variety of reasons including;

  • Properties undergoing significant renovations
  • Properties awaiting sale
  • Properties held in probate

For all other properties including unoccupied commercial and business premises, including both domestic and commercial properties undergoing renovation and repair please follow this link

To obtain a quote, please complete the following form and submit. A premium indication based on your statement of needs will be sent to you by email along with a specimen policy wording and quote. If you require immediate cover please contact our office on 0161 300 2930 during office hours. As this is a restricted market we quote the products of only 4 underwriters in respect of unoccupied properties.

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