Personal Legal Expenses Insurance

personal legal expenses insuranceA personal legal expenses policy can provide you and your family with cover in respect of legal costs for a range of eventualities to help you both defend and protect your legal rights where other wise you might find the cost of taking such action prohibitive.

It can also provide you with access to a range of legal services via a legal advice helpline.

The details of cover vary from provider to provider but the options under these products include cover in respect of

  • Personal Injury – Legal assistance in respect of death or bodily injury.
  • Employment Disputes – Cover for negotiation of the policyholder’s legal rights for a claim that would be dealt with via an Employment Tribunal against an employer for unfair or wrongful dismissal, redundancy or unlawful discrimination.
  • Tax Protection – Cover for negotiation and representation of the policyholder in respect of a Full Tax Enquiry.
  • Jury Service – Cover for salary or wages for time lost at work whilst attending jury service that are not recoverable from the court or policyholder’s employer.
  • Contract Disputes – Negotiation of the policyholder’s legal rights in the event of a dispute arising from an agreement including buying, selling or hiring any goods or services.
  • Property Protection – Cover for civil actions relating to material property of the policyholder, including their principal home which causes or could cause physical damage to the property or concerns nuisance or trespass.

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