With many years experience in the arrangement of liability insurance we provide instant access to plasterers insurance offering on-line quotes and cover for plasterers  from our panel of leading liability insurance underwriters in the UK.

What insurance does a plasterer need?

As with most businesses, probably the biggest risk facing a plasterer is the threat of legal action being taken against them in respect of personal injury or property damage. If you are found responsible for any injury or damage, you may have awards made against you and in any event you will have the costs of an legal defence to pay.

Public liability insurance for plasterers

This protects you against claims made against you for your legal liability for property damage and personal injury arising in the course of your business. The policy will meet the costs of any awards made against you and the costs of any legal defence of a claim up to the the indemnity limit. The limit of indemnity is the maximum amount an insurer will pay in respect of any one claim and you will need to select a limit that is suitable for your business. Common limits are £1M, £2M and £5M although others are available upon request.

Employers liability insurance for plasterers

If you employ people in the U.K. you will require employers liability insurance to protect you against claims made against you by employees for you legal liability in respect of death, disease and injury sustained during the course of their employment. There are some exemptions to the requirement, more information on our employers liability page, but the vast majority of employers require the cover.

How much is plasterers insurance?

The price you pay will depend on a few key factors, the number of people involved in your business, the limit of indemnity you require for public liability and whether you have previously had any claims made against you. The actual cost of liability insurance for a plasterer is low compared to the cost of cover for other contractors and represents extremely good value for your business. It takes less than 5 minutes to obtain your own price on-line and compare quotes from our range of leading providers.

How do I buy plasterers insurance?

Our on-line quote service provides public liability insurance with limits of indemnity from £1million upwards, optional employers liability insurance and business tools and equipment options.

Quotations are on-line for most businesses with instant access to cover and policy documents. All quotes are provided with full details of premiums, terms and conditions, policy wordings to help you make the right decision on your plasterers insurance.
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