insulin pen product recallNovo Nordisk the pharmaceutical and medical provider has issued a product recall in respect of certain batches of the NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5. The pens are used as a delivery system for insulin in the treatment of diabetics.

The company has announced that certain batches of the product may be susceptible to damage to the insulin cartridge holder as a result of exposure to household chemicals including cleaning agents.

Damage to the cartridge holder could result in the incorrect dosage of insulin being administered and this might lead to serious medical consequences.

The Director of Medical Devices at the MHRA, John Wilkinson, commented that the MHRA was supportive of the proactive approach of  Novo Nordisk in this manufacturer led recall and stressed that anyone who may be affected should not discontinue their treatment without first contacting their diabetes management team.

Head of Care at Diabeles UK, Mr Dano Howarth commented;

Ensuring the correct level on insulin is vitally important in the management of diabetes; so it’s important that anyone affected by this recall contact Novo Nordisk to arrange for a replacement cartridge holder.

People using the pens can check if their products are included in the batches recalled by the manufacturer on the MHRA website here.

More information on Product Recall.

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