why women pay less for car insurance than menIt seems as if anyone who has vociferously claimed that men make the better drivers as opposed to their female counterparts might want to reconsider their line of argument if recent evidence provided by Confused.com is anything to go by. Recent findings may also indicate that women will typically pay less for their car insurance, and it is entirely down to them being far safer than men on the roads.

The financial services comparison website undertook extensive research into insurance claims, driving habits, motoring offences and pass rates to determine who came out on top, and the results show that not only that women are far safer behind the wheel than their men, but that they will pay on average 13% less on their insurance.

A key component of this is that men account for a gigantic proportion of motoring offences. Data gathered from the Ministry of Justice, DVLA and Confused.com showed that men committed 79% of the 585,000 motoring offences that occurred in England and Wales last year, meaning that women were four times less likely to commit an offence.

It doesn’t make for pretty reading if you’re male; they came out on top when it came to speeding, drunk-driving and for being behind the wheel without appropriate insurance or tax for their vehicle.

Even with the EU’s Gender Directive ruling in 2012, which prohibited insurance companies from rating drivers solely on their gender, the sheer volume of claims made by men (two out of every three, to be more precise) would certainly explain the disparity in typical insurance costs between men and women. The fact that males often own more expensive cars, and thus make larger claims in the event of an accident also plays its part.

It might be scant consolation, but it’s not all bad news if you’re male, however; the same statistics suggested that in terms of bad driving habits, women were more likely to drive in bare feet, and park incorrectly in a parent bay. And the same data suggests that men and women are both equally guilty of eating at the wheel, too.

Amanda Stretton, Confused.com’s motoring editor offered the following on the site’s findings:

“As a female racing driver, I know women can hold their own when it comes to driving, and data suggests that they are in fact safer on the roads. And this is reflected in the fact that they are paying almost £100 less for their car insurance premiums.

“But regardless of who is paying more, men or women, car insurance is a cost that is unavoidable for all drivers and is one of the many reasons motoring is becoming unaffordable.”


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