salon insuranceGetting the best deal on your salon insurance is not only about obtaining a low price for your insurance but equally important is making sure that you have the correct cover in place to meet your needs for the treatment risk.

Who needs salon insurance?

Whilst salon insurance has much in common with other retailers insurance polices the specialist need of the salon for public liability insurance, whether it be hair and beauty, or tattoos and piercing, make the careful selection of your insurance slightly more complicated.

Fortunately we have the solution for you here at Blackfriars, with a range of specialist tailored policies aimed at meeting these needs and a team of specialist brokers ready to assist you in getting both the right price and the right cover.

We provide a range of different salon insurance policies to suit the needs of different businesses.

Salon Insurance Quotes

Our on-line quote service for salons provides you with instant access to a range of quotations from leading insurers for several different types of salons offering you the opportunity to choose your cover levels and then compare quotes from our panel of leading insurance providers. Our in-house broker team review all quotations we provide automatically and will contact you if we are able to offer you additional options. alternatively you can contact our broker team direct on 0161 300 2930 and they will be pleased to offer you a quotation and any assistance you may need over the telephone.

What is covered under salon insurance policies?

The salon package insurance provides you automatically with a range of covers under one policy. These covers are considered by insurance companies and clients to provide a standard level of cover that is generally in-line with operators requirements. There are options to increase cover levels and add additional sections to the policy but the standard policy will automatically include cover for your property against loss or material damage, cover for your income following a claim, loss of business money and combined liability insurance, including public and employers liability insurance. It is under the public liability insurance section of the policy that special attention is required to the treatment cover provided and this is where the policy differs from standard retailers insurance packages.

Whilst the cover is broadly standard under the policy you can tailor the individual sections to your own specific requirements; you can do this on-line or by speaking to one of our brokers.

What is salon treatment insurance?

Standard public liability insurance policies exclude treatment risks, cover in respect of claims arising from treatments made in the course of the business, this could be hair dyeing, piercing, sunbeds or a host of other therapies that are carried out in beauty salons across the country. the specialist salon insurance policy provides cover in respect of these treatments providing that you have declared them to your insurance provider and that they are included in the policy. Do not assume that all salon policies cover all treatments; they do not. You need to check this and be confident that you have the correct cover in place. more information on the treatment risk.

Cover for some treatments is not available under standard polices and in these cases we can top up the cover with protection under a separate policy.

How much is salon insurance?

As with all insurance polices premiums vary based on the risks faced by insurers and this is affected by where your business is located, what type of salon you operate, the amount of contents you have in the premises and the treatments that you undertake. There is a great variance in premiums and whilst policies start from just £150 per year, the cost for a large salon with many different treatments can be in the thousands of pounds. The on-line quote system makes this process a lot easier, and using Blackfriars for your salon insurance means that unlike other on-line providers, you are not alone in this and are only a phone call away from one of our specialist brokers who will be delighted to work with you to obtain our best deal for your business insurance requirements.

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