society of radiographers insuranceThe Society of Radiographers has provided members with clarification regarding the scope of cover provided under the members medical malpractice insurance.

Whilst there has been some misunderstanding previously as regards the scope of cover, the new clarification draws a line under this by issuing the guidance that will apply form the 1 October 2017.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the clarification for members is the fact that for a member to be indemnified under the policy in respects of alleged malpractice, the member must have a contract of employment in place with the NHS or another medical provider.

Whilst there is other information included in the briefing for members, for many, point 26 will of vital interest;

26) I am self employed for part or all of my work. Am I covered by the SoR PII?

The SOR policy can only be accessed if there is a contract of employment in place. For periods when the member is self-employed, sub-contracted or engaged in work as an when on an ad hoc basis/cash in hand payment, the SOR PII scheme will not apply.

In these circumstances the member is responsible for obtaining sufficient insurance cover to meet any liability and to satisfy the requirements of the registration body.

Whilst the new information from the SOR will be of help to many members it is likely that it will also raise a few questions with others; certainly as to the suitability of the arrangement to ensure that they are protected in all areas of their work.

More information on Medical Malpractice Insurance for Radiographers.

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