spanish-motor-insuranceAs specialist brokers, we provide great deals on Spanish motor insurance for expatriates and UK residents in Spain in respect of both UK and overseas plated vehicles.

The Spanish motor insurance policy is underwritten by UK based insurance companies with an English policy wording and the appropriate international documentation to meet your needs.

What is Spanish motor insurance policy?

The Spanish motor insurance policy is designed to meet the motor insurance requirements of those living or residing in Spain who own or have use of a motor vehicle that is kept for the most part in Spain.

Who can buy Spanish motor insurance?

The Spanish motor insurance policy is available to both UK and expatriates and UK residents who own a vehicle in Spain and also to other English speaking  EU nationals who require a Spanish motor insurance policy?

Does the Spanish motor insurance policy only operate in Spain?

No the intention of the policy is to provide insurance for cars that are generally kept in Spain but cover can include all EU states automatically. If you require other additional territories to be covered this can also be arranged.

What is the cover under a Spanish motor insurance policy?

The basic cover level are the same as you would expect upon a UK policy these are;

although additional benefits are available with some provided as standard within the standard offering from Blackfriars.

Does Spanish Motor insurance provide me with breakdown recovery cover?

The standard Spanish motor insurance policy does not provide this but can be tailored to do so on your request. This may be included within you motor insurance policy or is also available as as standalone product that can be designed to your own particular requirements, much in the same way as any arrangements you may have had previously in the UK.

Does the Spanish motor insurance policy provide emergency accident protection?

Emergency helplines are available to you wherever you are in Europe all staffed by English and local speaking representatives who will be able to provide you with the help that you need in the event of a claim.

How can I buy Spanish motor insurance?

You can apply on-line below, contact us via our on-line live chat facility to the right or call us direct on 0(044) 161 300 2930 tp speak to our specialist motor insurance brokers for immediate assistance on your Spanish motor insurance requirements.


Spanish Motor Insurance

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