Teachers Cyber BullyingNew research from Ecclesiastical Insurance has revealed that 29% of teachers have been contacted by parents on social media platforms and of these nearly a third felt that social media was being used to intimidate the teacher.

Somewhat disturbingly the research also uncovered that 41% of teachers said that their organisation did not have a social media policy.

This is very surprising and there is a very little excuse for this. The South West grid for Learning (SWGfL) publishes a series of School Online Safety Policy Templates that have been recognised as good practice by both education all establishments and local authorities across the UK.


“This sort of behaviour is typical across many areas of the social media platform and is perhaps endemic amongst certain groups of social media users who simply don’t care or are unaware of the effect that such an intrusion can have upon the recipient. Of course teachers and educational establishments should exercise care and maintain an appropriate and up-to-date social media policy but let’s not forget the real villains here are people who simply do not know how to behave themselves properly and they should be dealt with robustly. It is totally unacceptable”




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