intellectual property rightsThe Intellectual Property office has launched a new series of helpful short animation videos that provide a good introduction as to what IP is and why and how you should protect your rights and ensure that you value the and respect the rights of others,

These excellent introductory videos featured below cover such subjects as;

  1. What is Intellectual Property?
  2. Is Intellectual Property important to my business?
  3. Should I get a trade mark?
  4. Should I get a patent?
  5. Should I have a registered design?
  6. Is copyright important to my business?
  7. Do I have Intellectual Property rights?
  8. Should I license or franchise my Intellectual Property?
  9. Should I protect my Intellectual Property overseas?
  10. How do I avoid infringing IP in work?
  11. Someone is using my IP
  12. My business is a victim of IP Crime

All the videos can be viewed below or are available from the Intellectual property Office YouTube channel.

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