unoccupied commercial property insuranceWe offer unoccupied commercial property insurance for vacant and empty properties protecting your investment whilst the property is in use.

Commercial properties may be vacant for a number of reasons;

  • properties awaiting sale
  • properties awaiting development or redevelopment
  • or simply not currently under lease.

We can cater for all classes of unoccupied commercial property and in most cases provide you with the standard cover that you would enjoy if the property was occupied.

Who needs unoccupied commercial property insurance?

The product is designed to protect the property owner who has buildings that are not currently occupied or vacant and where the ordinary business use of that property would be by a commercial venture e.g. offices, shops, warehousing, factories and the like.

What is the cover under an unoccupied commercial property insurance policy?

The policy can protect you against material damage losses to the building and any contents on a fire and specified perils basis. Not insured perils will be available on all properties and this will be driven by the condition of the building, it’s location and occupancy status.

How much does unoccupied commercial property insurance cost?

This will depend on the status of the property i.e. it’s general condition, physical security, claims history and of course the sums insured you require. Our team of brokers will work with you to offer you the widest cover that we are able at our most competitive premiums.

What happens if the property becomes occupied during the policy term?

You need to inform us of any changes to the status of the property and we can easily arrange the standard commercial property owners insurance policy for you in a seamless and cost effective way.

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