ice cream van insuranceThe two main covers you will need to meet your ice cream van insurance needs are motor insurance on the vehicle and liability cover for the service your provide and any employees you may have.

There are other covers available to you but these are the two that you should certainly be putting in place first.

What insurance do I need for an ice cream van?

Clearly you have a legal requirement to insure any motor vehicle that is used on a public road and a specialist ice cream van policy will meet this need for you. A standard van insurance policy will not take account of the vehicle modifications and you need a specialist policy in order to ensure that the cover is both correct and that you are protected in respect of the value of the modifications and for any equipment you have on board. You may be able to obtain a commercial motor insurance quote on the base vehicle itself, be careful, this insurance may not be suitable for you. A specialist ice cream van policy takes full account of the nature of your business and the cover is tailored accordingly.

Our 24 hour claims service is there to help you with any claim you may have and get you back on the road as quickly as possible and remember that with Blackfriars your motorists legal expenses insurance is included automatically for free.

Ice Cream Van Liability Insurance

ice-cream-van-liability-insuranceWhilst your motor insurance caters for third party risks arising from the road use of the vehicle, you will need a liability insurance policy to protect you against claims from third parties in respect of the service and product you are providing. This public liability insurance, including product liability, is not a legal requirement but is strongly advisable as it will protect you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury or property damage arising out of and in the course of your business.

Furthermore, if you have employees in the business, in all but a few circumstances, you will require employers liability insurance. This is a legal requirement and the law states that you must hold a policy with a minimum limit of indemnity of £5m, although in practice policies sold in the U.K have a standard limit of £10m.

Does my insurance cover me for selling hot food?

It is very important that your insurer is aware of your trade and activities for both you motor and liability insurance policies. If you have not told them you sell hot food, you may not be covered. But don’t worry we have a range of commercial motor insurance policies, including catering van insurance along with flexible liability policies, just tell us what you need and we will get it covered for you.

How to buy ice cream van  insurance?

You can apply on-line for either ice cream van motor insurance or liability insurance or you can call us directly to discuss your requirements with a broker. If you would like to discuss other insurances that may be suitable for your business please contact us to speak to a broker. Remember we also offer policies for ice cream manufacturers and producers and ice cream parlours so we are well placed to help you with all your business insurance requirements.

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